paXos is different


We are different by conviction, passion and experience!

  • We are financed by ourselves (no investor, no hedgefond, no hype)
  • We put earnings into reserves and we will not sell our company
  • We are a real and authentic team
  • We are addicted to sustainable success - not quarterly results
  • Ecology and economy is no contradiction for us, but good challenges are!
  • We are experts: affined to technics, highly innovative and at the same time solid business people

With that we make the difference for you for advantage in business!


Most of us are from the departments of development and construction in the automotive industry. Through diverse projects we participate in the future issues. 


We are highly committed in the area of ecological private transport. Therefore our most important topics are derived from: 

- automotive, especially electric mobility. 

- charging-infrastructure

- renewable energy (PV and mostly solar thermal energy)


Furthermore, we are active in all our departments with these topics. Our departments are consulting, engineering and project management.


Our commitment for alternative drives and electric mobility is reflected in our vehicle fleet. There are hybrid vehicles, battery electric vehicle and an electric motorcycle. The motorcycle industry is very adventuresome in the technology and benchmarking this production delivers exciting development which are also interesting for the automotive industry. 


BRAMMO Empulse R  

Ford Focus Electric and Mondeo Hybrid