We believe in the future - but it must be designed!


In our field of activity we see two areas that have enormous significance for our future; ecologically, economically and thus politically:


1. Electromobility

2. Regenerative Energies


The first without the second is not meaningful - and thus closely linked.


Electromobility faces four challenges:

1. More range

2. Shorter charging times

3. Expansion of a charging infrastructure

4. Availability of regenerative energy

and all that (as always) against the background of affordability.


The regenerative energies themselves are facing four problems:

1. Temporal availability or storage

2. Environmentally friendly expansion

3. Transportation

4. Prevention of landscape and urban disfigurement and thus more social acceptance in one's own environment


paXos has already contributed important solutions with its innovations / patents:


- therefore, a charging cable has been developed for shorter charging times in electromobility, which can transmit five times more energy in the same time as the most powerful current charging cable


- for more available renewable energy, environmentally friendly developed and without landscape or urban disfigurement the solar roof tile was developed, which provides electricity AND heat through an easy-to-install roof system.


We will continue to commit ourselves to innovations that provide solutions to the above-mentioned challenges of electromobility and renewable energies.


We look forward to these high, self-imposed goals and are convinced that economy and ecology are not a contradiction but a creative challenge for us.