Our core team knows each other since over 20 years and has managed many challenges with team spirit and great success. Our employees and customers are in the center of our economical understatement and action.


from left to the right (the shareholders):

  • Karsten Birkholz, Prokurist*, Lead of Engineering
  • Janina Kaergel, Managing Director, Lead Non-Operations and HR
  • Peter Hakenberg, Managing Director, Lead of Operations and Consulting
  • Stefan Puczynski, Prokurist*, Lead Finance and Training
  • Guido Schumacher, Prokurist*, Lead Project Management

       *Prokurist: Officer with Procurement


You will find more about the persons and their responsibilities under "Departments"

The name Paxos...  

Παξός (Paxos)   as it is written in greek or 

παΞός (paXos except the 'X' everything is uncapitalized as our advertising agency designed it lastly on CD - but in latin and not in greek writing.

When we founded the company we wanted to find a name that has identity, easy to pronounce, used graphically good and is in a good sounding - furthermore the name should be a bit extraordinary. 

We have started with our identity and have taken a look at things that come into question. ''Turquoise blood'' was an old catchphrase for our team because the most of us started their career at a company that had a (partially) turqouise logo.
''The island of the blessed ones'' was another catchphrase for our team because of the good and collegial cooperation despite all necessities. 
And if one does a search on Google for ''torqouise island'' one will find.. Paxos

the pearl of the Ionian sea between Greece and Italy.

The name was found! 

Our advertising agency created the right look, mainly the arrow in the ''X'' which is a style element and shows the right direction  metaphorically.

We are very happy with the name and looking forward to be a ''great island'' for our customers, partners and employees. Furthermore, we are looking forward to act right in the business. 

Paxos - bay near to the port Gaios

This banner was created and donated to the team from TWOCREAM!

It is a loving allusion to our connection to Cologne and the freedom for team not to be supervised or running after cheap trends! 


Many thanks to TWOCREAM for their gorgeous support for the print and internet media!


This Logo will not only be held with honor - it is always on the jerseys of our colleagues when we participate at sport activities such as runs (Köln-Marathon, B2run) and team sport events  (Volleyball, Football).