The paXos Team


Over 30 colleagues belong to our paXos team working in our different departments and business areas. In practice they can take advantage of the cross functional know-how we can offer.



In representation for the whole paXos team (from left to right):

  • Guido Schumacher, Manager Project Management
  • Stefan Ehrenberg, Teamleader Engineering
  • Karsten Birkholz, Manager Engineering
  • Johannes Heun, Teamleader Engineering
  • Stefan Puczynski, Manager Training and Finance
  • Janina Kaergel, Manager HR
  • Peter Hakenberg, Manager Consulting

There's a lot of talk about team spirit and team work, but you do not find that so often - why?


Team coaches try team building events, but that's not necessary; most employees have a natural interest in being part of a well-functioning, friendly team and are eager to do a lot for it - and they also know how!


Letting the team work independently and supporting it is part of the simple recipe. The other part is to take care of fair balance and to have time when interests collide one day or even misunderstandings have arisen. To take the necessary time in spite of the workload to settle a problem properly and fairly, is enough to let a very outstanding team develop itself!


The effect is enormous: the work is fun, challenges are tackled and solved creatively, appointments are kept simpler, necessary changes are achieved adequately and quickly.


Our customers appreciate that!

Our employees need that!


To start projects where we know: our team does it, our team can do it and we all enjoy the work and the team - that's what drives us as paXos team!