Top Employer


To be the best employer (also known as "Top Employer") is unquestionably an important goal and ultimately the very understandable desire of each employee to the employer.


This aim is not only desirable - it is as good as it is!


There are various quality badges for example for nutrition (for example "bio") and nowadays the same applies for employers. These badges are not controlled by state authorities but they are based on the fact that an employer can - more or less - buy them. That means an employer is requested to give some formal input, pays the requested fee and gets the desired badge which can be used in the internet or in respective brochures - for one year - then the next annual fee is requested.


So we would like to undergo an evaluation to get officially stated that we pay according to tariff (or above), that we offer excellent training to our employees and take best care of their needs. But it simply does not make any sense to buy a quality badge which anybody can buy - it would not only decline our efforts, it is just waste of money!


We would like to invest our money truly in things which really make us "best employer" and lets us continuously be as such. We are very proud that our employees vote for us in the respective employer rankings - that is the right motivation for us to continue our way as these rankings are the best quality badges which no one can buy.