Work Life Balance


The idiom "no man is an island" says it all: no one can act completely by himself but is dependant on interaction with others.


This is true for companies as well - there are frame conditions, expectations from customers and timelines which you cannot evade. But there is usually time to ask: "can we deliver as a team in a way that no one is overstrained or their private life will suffer". The awareness at management, employee representation level and within the whole team is important to successfully cope with this challenge.


Life shows: it is possible! Particularly when there is faith to talk to the external actors openly about the challenge. Customers do not have an interest to endanger work life balance - but consciousness has to be established to jointly solve the issue. In almost every case a solution can be reached and the project can be brought to success within the frame conditions and work life balance can be lived.


We are proud that we have been successful and that work life balance is one of our pillars in company identity. We will continue to make this happen and in this sense we are indeed something like: an island!