Peter Hakenberg

Curriculum Vitae

Special Interests:

- Automobile

- Elektromobility

- Regenerative Energy

- Construktion

- Development

- Prototyping


- Consulting for Developement and




- living sustainable Business



only a true Consensus does it !


Abitur 1983 (A-Level)

Fachschweißer 1984 (Welding apprenticeship)

Fahrzeug- und Karosseriebauer 1986 (Sheet metal worker apprenticeship - car bodies)

Dipl. Ing. Maschinenbau 1990 (Diploma on Mechanical Engineering)

Fachrichtung Konstruktionstechnik, Kolben- und Turbomaschinen

(in the field of construction techniques, emphasis on Piston and Turbine-Engines)




Ford-Werke (Ford Motor Company - Germany)

1990 bis 1993 Engineer Group Staff Manufacturing

1994 bis 1997 Supervisor in technical Training Department (CAD, CAM, CAE)

1998 bis 2010 Supervisor in the Development Center in diverent positions


2011 bis 2014 Head of the Cologne Office

with the fields of Consulting and Operative Business


seit 2015

CEO and Shareholder

Head of the Cologne Office

with the fields of Consulting and Operation



Motorcycle, swimming/sports, technical things, do-it-yourselve


The passion for technical things also shows up in private life with a tool shop for metal, wood and mechanics such as for cars and motorcycle.