HR Consulting


A further pillar of our business is our HR Consulting. We are keen to consult and assist you in the areas of

  • Recruiting (methods, concepts and processes)
  • HR marketing, social media and employer branding
  • Staff retention (instruments and measures)
  • HR development (strategies and concepts)
  • Contracts for work, service contracts and temporary employment

Through our many years of experience in recruiting for our major customers as well as in building successful employer brands, we can support you comprehensively in the establishment of successful HR concepts, strategies and processes.


As an employer, companies are more than ever exposed to constant competition for the best employees. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly easier for employees to change employers and to find out more about their (potential) employer through digital media. An attractive overall HR concept is therefore essential for successful recruitment and long-term loyalty to the company. The various HR topics are closely interlinked and build on each other so that they only lead to the greatest possible success in their combination. A properly set up overall HR concept leads to 

  • a faster and more successful recruiting, especially for geographically less attractive locations
  • a high motivation, commitment and loyalty of employees
  • an efficient and targeted use of the HR budget, i.e. avoiding unnecessary costs and incorrectly used budgets

 and thus represents an important component of the company's success.


Janina Kaergel

Managing Director / Executive Partner


Lead HR

and Lead Non-Operations



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