Innovations by paXos


We have a numerous amount of common projects with our customers. We are proud to be able to consult for and develop with those designated companies but we are conscious: it is the call of our customers to advertise those projects!


Different to that we can advertise our own projects and patents. The only engagement are the pending patents. In some of occasions we can only name the subject or can only give a general description.


During the year 2016 we are about to hand in 12 patents. Accourding to four of these patents we already brought some information to public. Please find some description to those under the respective buttons.


As soon as these patents are acknowledged, we will present more detail. If the patent is sold by then please bear our apologies as the disclosing would then be the call of the respective customer.


Most of our own developments are in the field of regenerative energies. This year we will also come up with some developments in the field of Automotive on top.


From the first hand-drawn sketch ...

... to CAD and to the exploded drawing

and prototypes

to the product

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