Solar Pipes


Efficient routing of electic and hydro solar equipment.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in this project. We will inform you about the current status as well as explain the main patent fundamentals. 

For our solar roof tile, we have developed a whole roof system which makes it possible to quickly cover and connect a solar roof. The pipes no longer need to be laid through the apartments to the basement or by an additional pipe box on the house facade.

We make use of the fact that on each roof side a downpipe is to be found, which can also include pipes.


Usually the cabling is done through the building. Installation requires a lot of work and can be highly inconvenient.


Because of our patented downpipe the whole installation takes place outside the house. 

Instead of a 'normal' rooftop downpipe with an average diameter of 100mm, we use our patented downpipe with an diameter of 150mm. This pipe carries the supply line, derivation, power line and of course rain water from the roof. 

The downpipe is mounted as a half pipe and soldered like a "normal" downpipe. Thereafter, the lines (fluid, electricity, etc.) are attached to the webs of the downpipe with quick connectors.


Then the half-shells (panels) are simply placed and pushed down to snap in.