Mounting systems

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Our mounting systems are multifunctional. With well thought-out designs, we want to realize environmentally friendly and safe products. In doing so, we dedicate ourselves to a wide variety of topics - always with the vision of designing a high-quality product.

Foundation sYstem Shear-compression-bending plate

A secure anchoring in the ground is essential in many applications. To ensure this, concrete foundations are poured. In addition to high costs for materials and labor, this also results in disadvantages from an ecological point of view. The concrete foundations remain in the ground after use or can only be removed with great effort - the ground is sealed.


The foundation system (FS-SCBP) developed by paXos is a sustainable anchoring solution for a wide range of applications. In order to ensure a secure fastening in the ground, the tree root principle is imitated. The combination of a screw sleeve inserted into the ground and a rigid concrete slab underneath the final soil layer allows high flexural and compressive stiffnesses to be realized. Waiting times due to the setting time of poured concrete are eliminated because already completed components are mounted.


  • High bending moments can be transferred
  • Cost effective production
  • Fast, straightforward installation
  • No latency between installation and usage
  • Less material consumption than for conventional concrete foundations
  • Easy to dismantle and reusable if necessary
  • Environmental protection due to residue-free deconstruction

Special Features

  • Sustainable  Conventional foundations remain in the soil even after use. The paXos foundation system can be removed without leaving any residues and thus protects the environment - no soil sealing is involved.
  • Installation  The shear-compression-bending plate enables cost-effective installation with proven machines and techniques. Waiting times are eliminated and the construction can be loaded immediately. The required material contribution is significantly reduced.
  • Loads  The existing bending and compressive stiffnesses within the anchorage allow high wind load dissipation and the absorption of weight loads. Thus, higher structures are feasible.
  • Cascading  In order to capture as much soil as possible as a fundament, the foundation system can be selectively extended.


Our foundation system is a sustainable anchoring solution for a wide range of applications:

  •  Large parasols / umbrellas
  • Traffic signs
  • Traffic light poles
  • Lanterns and lighting masts (floodlight )
  • Radio towers
  • Charging stations
  • Billboards
  • Fences (solar fence, Agri-PV)
  • Foundation for containers and prefabricated buildings
  • Sound barriers
  • Wind turbines






Material push-pressure-plate Concrete

Ø = 700-900 cm | t = 5 - 10 cm

Mass 35 - 45 kg
Material earth screw Steel
Material pole Steel
Color & performace Depending on panel

Certification and tests

In cooperation with the company Deutsche Schraubfundament GmbH, we have been able to confirm the effectiveness of our shear-compression-bending plate in tests. Compared to a pure screw foundation, up to 85% higher forces and moments could be introduced. You will find more detailed information on this in the following sections.

Test Setup and execution

  • Proper installation of the earth screw and, if applicable, the shear-compression-bending plate.
  • Application of a force F at a height of h = 1 m
  • Gradually increase the force, measuring the deflection a

TEST results