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After the WDR already visited us last year for a report about our solar roof tile, the focus this year was on our high-performance charging plug Cool-Load Megawatt. The report was broadcasted in the local time Bergisches Land and shows the special features of our innovation. It can be viewed in the media library under the following link:

RTL Beitrag 



During the Power2Drive trade fair in Munich, visited us at our booth and interviewed our CEO Peter Hakenberg about our high-performance charging plug Cool-Load Megawatt. Why our charging plug is so powerful and why it has the potential to become a worldwide quasi-standard, you can see in this article and video: 


RTL Report on the PAXOS charging plug COOL-LOAD MEGAWATT 

RTL visited us in our exhibition hall in Langenfeld and shows how we will revolutionize electromobility with our high-performance charging plug Cool-Load Megawatt. The video is also available under the following link:

RTL Beitrag 


PAXOS report on the SOLAR roof tile IN the PRO7 Show GALILEO

Galileo reports in the Green Heroes section about the invention of the paXos solar roof tile and explains why this innovation even puts Elon Musk in the shade. Who should have missed the episode, can watch it under the following link:


paxos wins the POWER2DRive Award 2023

We have won the Power2Drive Award 2023 with our high-performance charging plug "Cool-Load Megawatt (3-12 MW)". The award was presented for the first time this year at "The smarter E Europe" trade fair in Munich. It honors the most innovative solutions in the field of electromobility that are already making a decisive contribution to an intelligent, sustainable mobility transition. We are very pleased and proud to be a winner of this prestigious award with our innovation. You can find more information about our high-performance charging plug under the heading Innovations - Electromobility

Power2Drive Award Logo Power2Drive Award 


New prototypes and performance data for the Solar Beaver Tail

Our development process is moving forward: the new Solar Beaver Tails in combination with the multi-energy roof have maximum outputs of 4.8 W for the 180 mm and 7.4 W for the 200 mm, depending on the model. The power density varies depending on the type of covering and can reach up to 117 W/m². Further technical data is now available on our website

Roof surface with new solar beaver tail models in crown and double covering Roof surface with new solar beaver tail models in double covering Roof surface with new solar beaver tail models in crown covering


MDR report in "Einfach Genial" on the Solar Roof Tile Mild-Hybrid

The Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk television station visited paXos to produce a documentary on the Solar Roof Tile Mild-Hybrid as part of the series "Einfach Genial" ("Simply Ingenious"). In addition to the constructional advantages, the test setup on the roof of the university library of the Cologne University of Applied Sciences is shown. The contribution can be found on the website at, only available in German. Have a great time watching!




Solar Beaver Tail - next generation

The next generation of the Solar Beaver Tail from paXos is on the starting blocks. The non-reflective glass is the visual highlight of the 400x200mm beaver tail. By choosing the type of roofing, the power of the high-performance module varies between 2.5W for double roofing and 6.0W for crown roofing. Overall, power densities of 72 - 100W/m² can be achieved with the appearance of a classic beaver-tail covered roof.


Solarbiberschwanz Musterdachflaeche schraeg Solarbiberschwanz Musterdachflaeche schraeg Solarbiberschwanz Pfanne ISO



YouTube: XolarFun to the paXos innovations at Intersolar 2022

During this year's Intersolar, XolarFun from YouTube visited us at our exhibition stand and was shown and explained the innovations in the solar sector by Karsten Birkholz, Head of Engineering. You can learn interesting facts about our roof coverings solar flat tile and plain tile, as well as about the solar water element or the solar traffic route element. Be shure to have a look at it.



WDR report on the Solar Roof Tile Mild-Hybrid

A TV team of the "Westdeutscher Rundfunk" visited paXos in the Langenfeld office to find out about the extensive innovations and especially the solutions in the solar sector. This resulted in the following report that was shown on the TV program "Lokalzeit Bergisches Land". Enjoy watching!




paXos High Performance Charging System successfully tested to 5MW continuous charging power

During the second test series at the Institute for Power Generation and Storage Systems (PGS) at RWTH Aachen University, the complete overall system, consisting of the charging plug "Cool-Load Megawatt", the charging socket and a 4m long, liquid-cooled charging cable, could be extensively tested and a continuous charging power of 5MW was transmitted. Due to the patented, active cooling of the charging system, the temperatures on the cable and housing surface remained constantly below 25°C even at this enormously high charging power.

The radial design of the paXos charging plug allows scaling of the plug diameter. Standard scaling up to 12MW is currently planned, although the development team has also already envisaged scaling up to 40MW as part of special designs for special applications.

With the paXos high performance charging system, the milestones of the future of electromobility for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, ships, aircraft, etc. can be realized with a single plug design. Traditional systems are limited in transmission power, so a novel system like this is mandatory for the charging of the future. The charging plug "Cool-Load Megawatt" is the solution for the still missing link between energy supply, shortest charging times and a robust, stable connection.


Test setup complete system Charging plug and socket



New Innovation videos 

In our new videos about our High Performance Charging System as well as our Solar Beaver Tail we present the two innovations once again with all advantages and functions. You can find more information under the heading "Innovations" or on our website




Trade Fair Intersolar & Power2Drive 2022 in Munich

paXos was represented with two large booths at this year's Intersolar and Power2Drive in Munich. Our special exhibition highlights were the Charging Plug Cool-Load Megawatt with a charging capacity of 3MW (scalable up to 12MW), the Solar Beaver Tail and the Foundation-System-Shear-Compression-Bending Plate. In addition, the numerous visitors were also able to find out about many other paXos innovations from the solar and electric mobility sectors. We are very happy about this successful trade fair and the great response we received!

We have summarized the impressions of the three trade fair days in our video below:





The paXos team was able to conduct successful tests with the first prototypes of the developed "Foundation-System-Shear-Compression-Bending Plate (FS-SCBP)". All systemic assumptions were confirmed - in direct comparison, the paXos foundation system is much more stable than all conventional foundations. For example, the conventional prefabricated foundation failed directly and a stand-alone earth screw only came close to the paXos FS-SCBP in terms of resistance from a length of 1.6m. In addition, the team unintentionally witnessed the installation difficulties of traditional foundation systems when, while screwing in a 1.3m long earth screw, it presumably hit a large stone in the ground at a depth of about 1m and was thus unable to go deeper into the earth. 

Special praise goes to the project team for this great achievement!


FS-SDBP Testaufbau FS-SDBP



New Solar Plain Tile Light-Hybrid

The new Solar Plain Tile from paXos offers the look of the asphalt roof shingles mainly used in the USA, but in combination with the use of PV and solar thermal energy. Due to the small product dimensions, roof surfaces can be individually and partially covered - even entire roofs are possible. Double roofing is not necessary at all. The installation and individual removal is carried out via a spring steel plate, which also serves as a conductor for potential equalization. The first functional prototypes of the Solar Plain Tile will be presented in May at the Intersolar trade fair in Munich in the form of a sample roof surface.  


Musterfläche Solarflachziegel Solarflachziegel



For the engineers, things could not have gone better than to achieve this result. As part of the joint research project "IDEAL", which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, a current of 3350A could be sent via the new high-power charging plug from paXos for a duty cycle of 50 min during initial current-carrying capacity tests (proof of concept) in the laboratories of the Institute for Power Generation and Storage Systems (PGS) at RWTH Aachen University. During the entire duty cycle, taking into account the nominal voltage, a transmission of more than 4MWh would have been possible. The liquid-cooled contacts of the plug exhibited stable temperatures of less than 50°C during the test.

The analysis of the measurement results underlines the advantages of the radial connector design. Thanks to the innovative cooling in the charging plug a cooling capacity of 700W was achieved. Due to the large contact area and the high contact pressure only extremely low losses of approximately 100W occurred at the transition between plug and socket. This corresponds to only 9% of the total power loss of the prototype setup. And in relation to the transmission power of 5MW, the losses of the overall system amount to only 0.02%.

In the next step, RWTH Aachen University will modify the power source in order to be able to perform further testing, while paXos will continue to develop the automatic contacting between plug and socket, as well as the cooling system of the charging cable.

Testaufbau RWTH Aachen paXos Ladestecker


YouTube: NebenwerteJunkie to the solar roof tile

At the Intersolar 2021 we had the opportunity to meet David Rühl and get him excited about our Mild-Hybrid solar roof tile that we sold to Meyer Burger. He has produced an interesting video about it, which we would like to recommend here. Have fun watching it!




Successful conclusion of the Smarter E Europa Restart trade fair

From 06th to 08th October we presented our new innovations with paXos Solar GmbH at the Intersolar in Munich. There was great interest in our diverse solutions in the solar sector, we had many interesting and extensive discussions and were able to make new contacts. In addition to the Solar Roof Tile Mild-Hybrid, a special highlight was the first sample roof surface of the Solar Beaver Tail Tile.

paXos Stand auf der Intersolar mit Solarbiberschwanz paXos Mitarbeiter mit Solardachpfanne Mild-Hybrid



As part of the joint ERDF-funded project "Solar Roof Tile.NRW" with the Technical University of Cologne two roof surfaces were completed on the university library in Cologne-Deutz. One is a classic roof surface with modules for photovoltaics and solar thermal energy and the other is a roof area with the Solar Roof Tiles Mild-Hybrid. Based on the data that will now be obtained, a comparison can be made between new and classic systems.

Testdach SDP-MH mit Blick auf Technische Hochschule Köln Testdach SDP-MH in anderer Richtung



In Solingen-Gräfrath, another test roof was covered with the Solar Roof Tile Mild-Hybrid. On the west as well as on the east side of the new building, the SDP-MH could be integrated as required and supplemented with matching complementary roof tiles. The visual difference is difficult to see from the ground.

Totalansicht der Westseite vom Testdach in Solingen Nahansicht der Westseite vom Testdach mit Gaube Totale der Ostseite vom Testdach



At the beginning of this year, a roof area was covered with the new Solar Roof Tile Mild-Hybrid, which is now being used for test purposes. This is the variant with a curved wave profile. The easy and quick installation has convinced in practice all along the line. Now solar energy can be inconspicuously converted into electricity.

paXos Solardachpfannen werden auf Dach gedeckt paXos Solardachpfannen mit Wellenprofil



Our Solar Roof Tile Mild-Hybrid (SDP-MH) has been tested and certified in all respects by TÜV Rheinland, MPA Stuttgart and TH Cologne. The results of the tests prove that our product is particularly powerful, durable and robust. Thus, in the course of the design and safety qualification, an extended test for hail impact resistance according to VKF was carried out. In this test, our SDP-MH achieved 10 times the resistance strength compared to the required minimum according to IEC.

TÜV Zertifizierung als PV-Modul Bauaufsichtliches Zeugnis der MPA Stuttgart Prüfprotokoll der TH Köln





From now on you will find detailed information about our solar roof tiles on our new website:


Bild mit Webseite



After a record-breaking construction and installation time of only 18 months, the starting signal was given for the commissioning of the PM3 paper machine of our customer Progroup on August 24, 2020. From now on, 750,000 t of corrugated base paper will be produced from 860,000 t of recovered paper in one of the most modern and efficient paper mills in the world. The total investment of €465 million makes PM3 one of the largest investment projects ever in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. Of this, €100 million alone is going into sustainable technologies - for example, a closed-loop water treatment plant that reduces water use by 80%.


We are very proud to be an important part of this success story. In addition to construction and erection supervision, the paXos team was responsible for all project control relevant issues such as, among others, the schedule, budgeting and cost control as well as the complete contract management.


We would like to thank the entire team for this great achievement!


Papiermaschine PM3 Team von paXos vor der PM3 Gesamtüberblick der Anlage

© Progroup AG



Just in time for the beginning of the year, we can present our first functional prototypes of the Solar Roof Tile MH. Thanks to the great commitment of our team and the close cooperation with the TH Cologne, we have been able to further develop and optimize our product a big step towards a first small series. First tests of the prototypes already confirm the expected performance data and in the next step our product will now be certified by the TÜV. At the Intersolar Europe trade fair in Munich (June 17-19, 2020), we will present the latest development status of the Solar Roof Tile MH in the form of sample roof surfaces with fully functional prototypes.

Erste funktionsfähige SDP-Prototypen Erste funktionsfähige SDP-Prototypen mit Komplementärdachpfannen