Various, smaller Projects

1. Bike Carrier

Surprisingly, apparently "traditional" and rather inconspicuous things in life can still be developed further.


Here we will soon introduce a patent idea for a bike carrier, which we have driven through a student's Bachelor thesis to patent application. The complete, exemplary development reaches from the written elaboration over a scale model up to the first prototype.


A special commendation to the former intern and now employee, who has developed himself significantly with this work and has very independently operated this project. We are also proud of the dedication of all the staff who have supported this project from various fields and are looking forward to the publication of the results.


Although this project focuses on the bachelor thesis and exemplary development, we also hope that potential customers are interested in this product.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about this project.

2. Cargo Bike

Cargo bikes are the big urban trend in mobility and an ideal "playground" where you can put drafts into practice without any major costs.

Inspired by the idea of our photographer to have a suitable cargo bike for his studio in Paris, our engineering team did not hesitate to push on a first sketch - thanks to several bike and mobility enthusiasts in the team.

The challenge was to equip an existing mountain bike with an "intermediate frame" so that it would become a cargo bike with no changes to the bike frame, with the following characteristics as a unique feature:

  • load floor can be folded up on the right and left (thus as narrow as possible when parking)
  • Handlebar transversely adjustable and pedals hinged
  • very good riding characteristics, especially torsion-resistant frame, precise steering and large, spring-loaded front wheel
  • enormous load volume and very high payload weight (80 kg)
  • large, spring-loaded front wheel for better riding over thresholds and the like
  • much larger steering angle of the front wheel in comparison to the cargo bikes currently on the market (because of the limitation of a handlebar located outside)
  • laterally wide spreading stand, which ensures a safe position in all loading conditions

The result is far more than just a sketch but a complete prototype - here with pictures of the result ...


Some pictures are without the (removable) folding floor so that you can better see the frame structure.

In the draft, the front handlebars are open, for safety reasons in the design then covered from the loading side.

(in the picture also the raised loading floor)

Double deflection of the steering around the loading space.


Systemic comparison of a typical cargo bike with our design


Detailed shots of the steering (straight and steered in) and a few details of the frame:


Spreading stand from Holland; for space reasons integrated into the frame or welded, extended and equipped with stronger spring-return.


In the paXos image film you can see in several sequences how it rides (fully loaded).

3. Electric Kart


Tradition obligates:

In 1982, one of our mobility enthusiasts had already developed and built a prototype kart, which was much more compact and had a much more interesting engine than conventional karts (120ccm with 6-speed gearbox) - and offered the appropriate performance and driving pleasure! A solid ring frame with mid-engine and very compact steering and pedals distinguished the kart.

We are planning to develop and build an electric kart this year, which will build on this project: even more compact and with a very interesting and high-performance engine: electric drive!

Here is a picture of what has to be topped: