Charging Stations


The upcoming electromobility requires charging stations that are particularly:


- inexpensive (efficient and cost-effective series production)

- robust (against accident and vandalism)

- easy to repair and maintain (faster and cheaper part exchange)

- safe (even after damage)

- durable as well as

- efficient, simple and easy to find and operate


We have developed concepts for charging stations in exchange with well-known infrastructure and energy providers and have presented them at the Hannover Fair 2017 for the first time.

The paXos charging station (large version) is characterized by the following features:

  • A roof, so that the customer is protected from rain during usage.
  • The cable is parked with the plug in the column or issued via a roller system and later retracted and is thus secured.
  • The display is secured like cable and plug and is only accessible or visible after identification.
  • The housing is extremely robust against vandalism (can not be flamed and only badly sprayed or scratched).
  • The roof area has a very powerful 300 watt solar panel.
  • The charging station is extremely tamper- and crash-proofed.
  • Due to a middle kink, the charging station is very easy to maintain.
  • The charging cable, which may have become wet, is "pulled off" when it is pulled in and dried by warm air, so that the next customer gets a dry cable.
  • Electrically sensitive parts are located above a height of 1 m above street level so that flooding does not lead to failure or danger.

When benchmarking various other charging stations in particular the crash safety was poor. Already in a minor impact (parking bumpers) the flaps sprang open or the boxes broke open and you could grab into the interior, especially the strong voltaged, partly then completely unsecured parts. The paXos charging station stays closed even in the event of a crash and deforms only in the event of a very strong impact. In addition, it has a predetermined bending point for parking bumpers which first elastically and only at higher loads plastically deformes and can be easily replaced then.

The display and the charging cable are located in comfortable height, even for tall people.

A middle kink allows to handle service and repair work at a comfortable height. The solar panel is easy to clean in a center locking.

The charging electrics in the roof of the charging station are protected by a flap, which is locked centrally. For maintenance purposes, a technician can thus access the components in a simple manner, without first having to disassemble parts of the charging station in an expensive manner and then reassemble them after maintenance.

The paXos charging station (small version) has in particular the following characteristics:

  • Extremely slim design
  • Extremely tamper- and crash-proofed including a predetermined bending point for parking bumpers
  • Extremely robust housing against vandalism (not flammable and only badly sprayed or scratched)
  • Secured display and secured charging socket, which are only accessible or visible after authentication via RFID or NFC
  • Great ease of maintenance due to an extendable head

When retracted, the display and the charging socket are secured in the charging station and are not accessible.


After authentication via RFID or NFC, the head of the charging station moves upwards and gives access to the charging socket and to the display.


With a corresponding access authorization, the head of the charging station can be extended so far upwards for maintenance purposes that all components are accessible and can be easily maintained.